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Local optimization is one of the most important new marketing tool available, and perhaps the most cost-effective. Now that everyone has a smartphone, mobile searching accounts for almost as many searches as standard laptop/desktop. And when mobile searches are being made, they are cash in hand ready to buy clients.

Claim a Google Local (Places) Site

Claiming your Google Local (Google Local Business Listing or Google Places) site gives you an immediate advantage over other businesses in your area that don’t use this service. Google is now sorting search results, especially those from mobile users, by location relevancy. Google uses the GPS data from your phone to give more precedence to locations that are physically closer to the searcher. This means that a business that is within 2 miles of the searcher will show up higher on a SERP than one that is 10 miles away given all other factors are equal. How do you make sure you show up in the number-one position for local search? Make sure all other things aren’t equal. Optimizing for local searches is a bit different from your standard SEO optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. It is meant to highlight relevant businesses in the area of the customer. While good SEO will help, there are some additional areas that need to be addressed for a Local search.

Optimize Your Google Local Profile

Most businesses already have a generic listing with Google Places. This lists your publicly accessible information (address, phone number, etc.). While this is a start, it does nothing to get your local search results to rank above your competitors. Add some custom information to your listing, including pictures of your establishment and videos of some of the services or products you offer. The more custom information you have the higher you will rank and the more effective your site will be in enticing searchers to become customers.

*Change the region setting for your Google Local profile. This setting allows you to select the region that your business services. This means you are not restricted to a single city listing. This is a very powerful tool as it allows you to effectively extend the range of your local search rankings without having to make listings in every city.

*Choose your business category wisely. The more specific your category is the better. Google will rank category specific pages above generics. If a specific category doesn’t exist for your business, or it is searched for under an industry-specific term, use this term in your description.

*Add reviews to your places site. This gives more physical weight to your page. Google will use the content of the reviews in determining relevance toward a search query. The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. They not only move you up in the search rankings, but they have a positive effect on searcher to customer conversion.

Get Your Page Now

The age of your profile is another huge factor for Google relevance. Newer profiles are treated the same as newer web pages. Google doesn’t give them as much weight as businesses that have been established for a while. There is no set time that is better, only the general concept that the older a profile is, the more stable the business is. That doesn’t mean that your Google Places page is a set it and forget it site. It still needs to be updated frequently. Freshness is just as important as page age. The Panda and Penguin updates have made this painfully clear.

For the most part, a well optimized Google Places page is SEO’d in a similar way to a standard webpage. The few tweaks that we’ve mentioned should help you take your Places results from the back of the pack to a top contender in your desired region. This allows you to effectively target people in your area who are more likely to become customers.


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