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There are two basic parts of SEO: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Off-site SEO means getting the word about your website out there in the world, including on prominent websites related to your niche. On-site SEO by comparison refers to SEO web design. In essence, what you want to do is to build your website in such a way that it will be attractive to your customers and will also be easily readable by Google and the other popular search engines.

Include Keywords (But Not Too Often)

One way to do this is to include keywords which relate to your niche (i.e. if you were selling dog food, you’d be looking to include the keyword “dog food” on your site). You should make use of such keywords (and have several related keywords as well) on your website when designing the site. However, one key to SEO web design is to make sure that your site doesn’t have the keyword too often (otherwise it could look funny to visitors and Google and other search engines will notice this as well).

Site Maps and Quick Loading Sites

Another important facet of SEO web design is that it requires a website with what’s known as an XML site map and quick load times. That’s because the search engines basically send out an automated program called a “spider” to find websites. The spider follows links within your website and if you have an XML sitemap, it will take a look at that and automatically index whatever it finds there. You also want quick load times because, just like your visitors, the search engine spider is busy and doesn’t want to wait around while your fancy splash intro loads. If it takes too long, the spider will move on and will not index your site at all.


SEO Web Design

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I have Mike do my SEO I've had such success I was able to cancel all my ads in the physical books saving me thousands in advertising a year. He keeps my business first page with all keywords. Two thumbs up!

We've known Michael for several years. He's always been prompt to reply, and very quick to service. The most recent problem we had with our system required him to reformat and solve a difficult problem. He returned a beautifully working system within 1 day. Fast worker, fair pricing. Thank you, Michael! ~ Dennis & Martha